Application Screening Process

At GS Lab, we are technocrats at the core. We build products for our customers which are challenging, never thought about and technologically rewarding. As a result we constantly strive for best talent around the world. Our application screening process ensures that we identify the right experts who have passion and love for technology like we do.

Join the ever-growing community of GS Lab clan that provides an enriching environment for growth in an open, informal, non-hierarchical culture, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor.

Our Process – Simple yet Fruitful

Usually it takes anywhere between 2 to 5 weeks for the screening process to complete.


Screening and Requirement mapping

The first step of our screening process is requirement mapping. Unlike others, we believe this is most crucial step of our screening process. Our recruitment experts screen each and every application we receive through various channels and reach out to suitable candidates to gauge the Aspiration of the candidate and Job fitment against the vacancy.

What we look for:
Your aspiration and our requirement


Technical Review

In this step our technical experts carry out in-depth analysis of candidate’s technical expertise. These may be in form of online tests, or in depth discussions or both. Technical depth is the core of what we do at GS Lab and hence we expect our candidates to be technically sound and ready to learn new technologies as landscape evolves. This step might involve multiple rounds of discussion.

What we look for:
Problem solving skills, Real world scenarios, domain expertise, technical foothold & competence


Managerial Discussions

Right from our CEO, we are all technocrats. Our account managers, project managers, or even the business heads take part in managerial discussions. What we love to do here is not just understand your skills but like to discuss more details about the project like technology stack, domain, and cloud exposure and development lifecycle.

What we look for:
Technical Knowhow, Learning attitude, flexibility, professionalism and team player skills


HR Discussions

This is the last step in our screening process where our HR representatives understand more about your background in terms of your family, education, professional history and so on. We believe that human skills are also important along with technical skills and that is what we like to explore here.

What we look for:
Cultural fitment, communication skills, ability to work with customers & team members

Did not clear the Technical Rounds?

We understand that many of you might have missed to clear the technical rounds by a Whisker. As a result we have developed a training module at GS Lab which is free for all and help you brush up your skills. You can register for the training on various technology areas and be GS Lab ready!

About GS Lab

GS Lab is an inclusive and a diverse workplace. We believe in equal opportunity and ensure eligible candidates are given a fair chance to demonstrate their capabilities. GS Lab is a global company and we provide flexible working models, Insurance benefits, Restart program for women in tech and extensive learning opportunities.

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