Author: Tejas Vyas

Evaluate Need For Cloud in Enterprises

Cloud has created a lot of buzz in the industry and every enterprise – small, medium and large have experimented with it. So the real question that needs answer is “Is there a need for cloud in the enterprises?” So let’s discover the answer, as there is no cookie cutter approach to solve this problem…

Realm of Security for Cloud Storage

The proverb – “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” also applies to security measures taken to safeguard the IT assets that are present in cloud or on-premise. In my previous blog ‘Is your data storage vision cloudy‘ we discussed the need for cloud storage due to emerging trends in business digitalization….

Is your data storage vision cloudy?

Emerging trends in business digitalization are blurring the lines between the cyber-physical worlds. Today data has become the new fuel for business growth and success. With advancement in computing technology and increase in the size of data, data storage has become a significant concern for businesses. With the growing data, charting a data storage strategy…