Container Orchestration & its’ Facilitating Tools – Kubernetes & Mesos

If ‘Cloud Migration’ is a topic of interest for you, the popularity of the term ‘Container Orchestration’ has definitely reached your ears. Containers are a piece of software which can run, scale independently and have all the required elements within this software like code, runtime settings etc; they run on, & can be ported to any OS (Linux, Windows). Know more about Containerization here.

Why do you need ‘Container Orchestration’?

When your application begins to scale and the number of containers deployed goes up from 100 to thousands with different network configurations, things will spin out of control. The task of automating and managing such a large number of containers and how they interact is called – orchestration. Container orchestration comes as a relief to those companies that utilize modern development techniques relying heavily on containers.

Kubernetes & Mesos are the most popular container orchestrators in the industry, we explore in the podcast, some of the best features of these tools & how container orchestration can lead your organization to build agile delivery environments