Cloud Migration With DevOps | Customer Success Story


For most organizations it is no longer economical to run their enterprises on-premise. Migrating to Cloud is an optimal solution for obvious benefits like availability, scalability, and flexibility with low running cost. This was precisely what one of our customer was looking for but with a slight twist – Enabling business continuity & shrinking the release cycle.


The solution was; to implement DevOps Cycle – Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery/ Deployment (CI/CD) using DevOps tools which would- Reduce the release cycle & assure business continuity during migration to Cloud.

Benefit – To Drive Customer Success
  1. 15 years of legacy enterprise applications supporting 2 lac nodes successfully deployed to cloud
  2. Deployment achieved while 2 million client applications were running
  3. Using DevOps Maturity Model for ranking products on various scales & matrices; we were able to achieve 3 on a scale of 1 to 5 in 6 months. These products were scaled below 3 before we intervened.

Beyond DevOps we engineered an intelligent analytics dashboard customized & integrated with different tools. The dashboard provides intelligent insights on release cycle outcomes, QA, deployment status & much more.

Watch the video to get a detailed perspective on how we were able to achieve customer success through DevOps!