The Game Of Things- Part I: Fellowship

The Internet of Things… it’s the hype and buzzword that has proven a worthy successor to the Big Data half-decade and now has the BlockChain snapping at its heels since the last year in the ever-ongoing race of the hyped buzzwords.

The Internet of Things… it’s changing the world; for better or for worse is TBD and is a hot topic for coffee-table conversations among the visionaries and the techies.

The Internet of Things… it has the smartest folks in the software industry attempting to define it, exalt it, exult in it, defile it, use it and abuse it.

We do none of those here, primarily because we doubt we can contribute anything novel to any of those fertile, and rather well harvested, fields of creativity.

But we can share our experiences in building real products and solutions to which the marketing and business development folks are ever-eager to attach the coveted label of IoT.

We focus here on the people who create the IoT products and solutions; we focus on those who have toiled and sweat in the process. We focus on their personalities, how they uniquely contribute to the different areas of an IoT product/solution. In the process, we hope to learn from the mistakes made and improve our abilities to build effective teams oriented towards the IoT.

Dig deeper into the world of IoT from a fresh perspective; click on the link to explore some interesting use cases and get acquainted with the personalities that come together to create an IoT product/solution. The Game Of Things – Part 1: Fellowship