Bots Promises To Improve Productivity In HealthCare Industry

Productivity in the healthcare industry may have declined in the recent decades, despite the rising expenditure for labor. With articles and debates across forums about the appropriate measurement of productivity in healthcare will likely continue, but “many analysts believe that, regardless of what healthcare productivity has been in the past, there is great potential for healthcare productivity to increase in the future

Digitally enhanced technology is an important lever for improving the results of the productivity equation. Our latest hospital bot instance will help health care institutes improve patient experience and staff productivity while driving down cost.

Key Highlights

Scheduling Assistant

Scheduling Assistant helps patients schedule appointments with the right doctor without a need for several phone transfers and phone calls. The goal of the feature is to improve patient satisfaction and experience.

Meet the Patient

Meet the Patient helps visitors block visiting hour’s slots with the patient in order to avoid crowd during peak hours. Long visits can be scheduled during less-busy timings in order to balance patient’s convenience.

The technologies include

  • Channel/UI: Facebook Messenger as UI
  • NLP: We have used both Microsoft’s bot framework & Google’s separately to create two versions. We found that is more robust when it comes to handling NLP logic well. Having said that, all NLP platforms are currently in the development stage so it is only a matter of time that Microsoft Bot Framework catches up.

healthcare bot

healthcare bot

healthcare bot

It’s now your turn to explore the bot -follow the instructions given below and do share your feedback with us:

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Search a page “GSLab HospitalBot”
  3. Click on “Send Message” & say “Hi” to get started.
  4. Start conversing with bot