GS Lab turns 16!

From modest beginnings, the company comes of age today, serving its customers with great competence, diligence and technical prowess. Technology excites us. GS Lab has always prided itself on its technical depth and willingness to adopt change. This has helped us ably navigate the rapidly changing technology landscape over the last decade, and stay relevant for our customers. We...


Deployment Approach for M-CORD – An Open Source Reference Solution for 5G Wireless networks

As we all know, Central Office Architected as Data Center (CORD) is a general-purpose service delivery platform. It can be configured to host a set of services in support of residential (known as Residential CORD), enterprise (known as Enterprise CORD), mobile technologies (known as M-CORD), cross-cutting capabilities (Analytics for CORD) and emerging edge applications (IoT,…

The Centrality of Information for Effective Care Delivery

With technological advances in healthcare delivery, clinicians and healthcare delivery center staffs do not have access to an overwhelming number of available databases capturing vital clinical information – patient’s health record, administrative information, and medical provider’s orders guiding the process of patient care. Yet, based on our interactions with healthcare delivery centers only a few…

Need For Speed and Faster Internet Connections!

The tagline ‘Speeding kills’ might be acceptable on the road, but the ‘lack of speed’ when it comes to your internet connection can literally make you kill your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In today’s fast-paced business world, everyone is looking for speed – faster browsing, faster connections, and faster responses, faster downloads, and faster uploads….