Test Automation Framework for AV Surveillance Application

Customer provides a complete suite of events and video management solutions using cloud server. This server will enable the client devices (mobiles, web) to configure, control and view media from the enabled cloud camera. The server will host a web application, which functions as the intermediary for communication and authentication between the client and the camera.

The GS Lab engagement involved feature development, QA, DevOps and test automation development. The test automation team has developed functional and performance test suites to test the product.

Field Requirement

  • The customer wanted a test framework which can simulate the event/video surveillance scenarios of different end customers.
  • The test framework should test the timely delivery of the audio/video events to the event tracking web portal/mobile app.
  • The test framework should benchmark various internal cloud servers in the audio video surveillance solution/product.

Solution Provided by GS Lab

GS Lab has developed an audio/video surveillance test framework (tool) using Python and Selenium. Following are the major features provided by this framework:

    1. The test framework can test 500 video & audio live streams across 500 cameras (1 audio/video stream per camera). This is a customer product limitation for live streaming.
    2. The test framework can test the video surveillance controlling app (Android as well as iOS) and web portal (across Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari).
    3. The test framework can start and stop the live camera video/audio stream on the fly.
    4. The framework can test the operation specific notifications and logs across different servers in the surveillance solution certifying the successful completion of the operation.

The test framework supports:

      • Complete functional, regression & performance testing of all the event/video management scenarios
      • On the fly addition/deletion of audio/video stream in the surveillance solution
      • Testing of 24/7 recording of the live streaming to be stored on Amazon S3 cloud storage
      • Testing the notifications for any (audio / video) camera event
      • Checking the timely delivery of the events to the portal or mobile apps (Android & iOS)

Value Addition:
Following are the major benefits of the test framework for an audio video surveillance product:

    • The real world scenarios of the end customer can be simulated using this framework.
    • It supports Continuous Integration (CI) with all available open source tools.
    • The framework can save 60% bandwidth of the QA team in every production release.
    • The framework can readily be used for the performance testing after the completion of regression testing with minimal changes.
    • It can benchmark different servers involved in the video surveillance solution.
    • The framework helped the development team to identify the performance issues due to crucial parameters (CPU, memory etc.) of the backend servers of the surveillance solution.