A Simple Tool to Enhance Virtual Team Collaboration

The success of an organization largely depends on effective collaboration between its employees, in order to improve their productivity, and in turn leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Rolling back to couple of years, increasing team collaboration meant breaking down office walls and pushing employees to work together extensively. Thanks to technology, today, Enterprises are following a more flexible approach- by enabling employees to collaborate, when and where they need to and also work on individual tasks. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) technology is facilitating this shift in the mindset, thereby encouraging new age developers to build innovative tools for increasing their productivity.

Let’s discuss the case better by identifying a typical scenario at workplaces.

A hectic work day for Nancy from QA team, with an important production release scheduled before close of business. With multiple customer meetings planned during the day, Nancy was finding it hard to collaborate with her team. As she finished her Quality Assurance testing for her module, she decided to leave for a meeting scheduled at customer premise.  She quickly gathered her laptop, informed her team and left for the meeting. Post her customer meeting she decided to head home and continue the testing, just to be 100% sure before the roll out. To her surprise, the application which was working fine few hours back, was behaving strangely and throwing unexpected errors. For a moment she panicked, as she had to ensure a defect-free delivery of this module for the production release. However, better sense prevailed and she decided to notify this issue to their ‘Development’ team. So she called up Jim- their point of contact (POC) from the ‘Development’ team and explained him the situation. Jim tried to recreate the same issue on his machine but for him, the module worked perfectly fine. Jim tried to contact Noel, the developer who had written the code which was now failing, however, he had left for the day.

While they debated, Nancy realized it would be best to collaborate by conducting a virtual meeting (using simple extensions like SkreenMe) and understand the issue in detail. Within no time, both Nancy and Jim downloaded and installed SkreenMe(com.gslab.screen) extension on their respective web browsers on their laptops. Jim was able to connect with Noel on phone who also downloaded the plugin on his smartphone and quickly joined the virtual meeting. The extension allowed Nancy to share her screen with Jim and Noel smoothly and together they were able to troubleshoot the problem at hand and avert a major issue just before the production release. Not to mention, their release was successful and they were appreciated for their team effort!

Team collaboration Tool

I am sure by now you have a flashback to similar experience in the past, with project teams spread across geographies and time zones. The first step towards efficient problem solving is quick and effective team collaboration.

About SkreenMe

GS Lab’s home-grown SkreenMe (com.gslab.screen) extension ensures that collaborative working is just a click away. One can easily download and install the browser extension, and instantly share the screen. The extension allows participants to view screen using any device including tablets and smartphones. The USP of this screen sharing app is that it is a thin client app and doesn’t require any software to be installed on the viewer’s machine.  Refer table below for details and click here to know more about SkreenMe extension. You can also try it out at http://go.skreen.me  or http://skreen.me

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