Employees Speak

Snehal Gokhale - GS Lab

I switched to GS Lab almost 5 years ago from big MNC. That was the most important and fruitful decision for my career growth.

In big MNCs, you usually get stuck doing the same thing repeatedly and mostly limited exposure to new technologies. GS lab gives you total freedom to enhance your skills and gives you that right opportunity to explore technically and learn new things. I still regret that I did not join here as a Fresher because the boot camp rigorous training drastically changes a college pass out person into a techie.

The change in approach in the freshers post the boot camp is remarkable. I got to work in different domains, different technologies and could learn new framework and automation techniques. The management at GS Lab is very cooperative and supportive. It sure makes the difference when your founder, CEO, or VP has a casual lunch with you. The transparency and availability of higher management people helps to grow the trust within employees. The work life balance gives you satisfaction that you are not compromising on both sides.

When I joined, it was hardly 200 people and now it has grown to 600+. I wish GS Lab the same steady growth.

–  Snehal Gokhale

Joined as a fresher in 2015 after completing MBA in Finance. I came across GS Lab whilst searching for different companies. I applied and got selected to work closely with the finance team. The experience so far has been amazing. GS Lab is a great place to work. You get to learn lots of different things, the work is challenging and I have got to go home every day with a wide grin plastered to my face due to the satisfaction it brings. It has a very nourishing and open culture which lets you explore your skills to their fullest. My second family is what I have to come to call GS Lab. Words fall short, come experience it yourself.

– Mihir Natu

Karishma Sharma - GS Lab

It has been a wonderful experience spending 5+ years of my professional career here, I have been able to develop myself both personally and professionally. I have worked with various projects so far, which helped me explore and grow my technical skills. Looking forward to a similar and yet a more exciting professional career right here!

–  Karishma Sharma