Modernizing a shopper marketing product for better user experience & performance

A software company reinvigorates its marketing product and improves scalability by moving the on-prem platform to the cloud

About Client –
Our customer develops products for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies and helps them sell more with the help of concrete data. Our customer’s marketing product allows manufacturers & retail stores to use historic campaign data for predicting future sales.

Challenge –
Typical shopper marketers deal with a lot of excel sheets. They work on budgets, plan campaigns, look at the results and then optimize strategies. Our customer wanted to modernize the product to make this process simple, efficient and smart.

Solution –
With the classical outside-in approach, UX engineers worked on the user stories and defined the experience for all stakeholders. We created a customer journey that would define the design and development choices.

Download the case study to understand how a software company reinvigorated its marketing product and improved scalability by moving their on-prem platform to the cloud.

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