Reducing Data Archival Costs With End-to-end Process Automation on SalesForce

Reducing data archival costs with end-to-end process automation on Salesforce

An NGO improves its data storage mechanism through customization and integration of Salesforce and Microsoft Azure


About Client

Our customer is a non-government organization (NGO) who uses the Salesforce Platform and AppExchange applications to manage to manage their donor information & keep track of funds.


Due to increasing volume of donor data & regulatory compliance, the amount of data in Salesforce had increased many fold. This was not only impacting performance, but was also exhausting Salesforce storage capacity.


GS Lab helped the customer improve performance while reducing storage costs by using Azure-Salesforce integration to introduce an automated Salesforce record archival & retrieval mechanism.

Download the case study to understand how an international NGO significantly reduced Salesforce object data size and directly saved storage costs.

Download the case study