The cloud in less than a decade has gone from being primarily viewed as a tool to improve IT economics and flexibility to a force that’s systematically transforming the economy and business functioning all-together. The ROI obtained upon using the cloud has steadily been increasing and has percolated to SMBs.

Early adopters viewed cloud as computing-on-demand. Next, cloud introduced a much more disciplined approach to the architecture and management of large IT infrastructures. And by now, cloud has become accepted as a major transformational force in IT, in business, and in the economy in general. Businesses today, irrespective of the domain they operate in or their size, do need a well thought of cloud approach to enable the success of their product.

GS Lab’s customers have benefited by the strong private, hybrid and public cloud expertise built on a solid foundation of the cloud ecosystem which pans across all layers from infrastructure to application.

Our experience extends from networking and virtualization internals to building and deploying microservices based architectures.

Our expertise on AWS, Azure and OpenStack have helped customers streamline their go-to-market strategy. Our deep understanding of the risks and caveats involved during cloud adoption, helps us analyze the business requirement more effectively. This analysis plays a critical role in optimizing the adoption process, making it more precise and profitable for the customer.

Service Offerings

Cloud Application & Mobility

Application products from the Cloud to your customers’ fingertips

Cloud Consulting

Your partner in the cloud journey all the way from strategic decision making, end to end automation, SecOps and more

Cloud Management & Orchestrator

Large scale cloud architectures require a robust tools to manage all layers of the implementation.

Cloud Security

We work to protect your data, stop threats and respond to incidents.

Cloud Testing & Automation

Moving your test lab to the Cloud!

PaaS Engineering

Build auto scalable, container centric platforms for deployment of microservices for rapid application delivery(RAD)


DevOps group at GS Lab helps customers accelerate software delivery, build quality code giving high visibility of product/project progress.


Seamlessly integrate visibility, automation, optimization, security, and cloud technologies for networking products.


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