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Increasing adoption of cloud has also given rise to the problem of plenty. The situation gets even more complicated when cloud choices are for products. Architectural decisions and choices have far-reaching consequences on the successful adoption of the product. They impact the ease of delivery, reach, implementation, adoption, usability, uptime, scalability, regulatory compliance, and operational costs. Moreover, emerging technologies like AI/Ml increase complexity.

GS Lab has been a product-engineering partner for ISVs for years. We have built many born-in-cloud products, and we use our accelerators, experience, and knowledge of the latest technologies to decide your product’s cloud roadmap.

We identify the essential tradeoffs for your products in the cloud journey and help remediate those. Our experts will help you optimize high-performance products realizing ROI at each stage of the product life cycle.

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Cloud solution architecture

We help our customers define their solution architectures across both areas, front-end and back-end. We also help them determine complete back-end architecture, including the application, service, storage, management, and security layers.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Strategy

We consider your product's architectural similarities, feature availability, and risk factors for multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategies. We also help design and plan resources, systems, and workload capabilities migrated across clouds.

Cloud Platform Assessment

We help our customers by recommending the best platforms which can fulfill their business goals. We find out the best platforms which support functional capabilities in combination with high performance and reduced cost with plans for risk assessment and mitigation

Application infrastructure & modernization strategy

We help you realize the cloud's full promise with capacity and sizing decisions, workload-specific strategies, migration strategies, and service implementation roadmap.

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The Cloud Cost Optimization – eBook

A complete guide to reduce your cloud cost. The eBook shares best practices for Cloud cost optimization and links to essential resources all in one place.

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