Open-Source Contributions in Cloud

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool. It has different modules for integration. We have contributed to both windows and Azure Ansible collection

We have developed a MuleSoft connector for Docker; The connector provides seamless integration with the Docker engine from a mule flow.

We have also done feature implementations for Docker NFS volumes and Docker-engines.

We have contributed various OpenStack projects including OpenStack 4j , OpenStack 4j Trove, OpenStack 4j CLI, and Openstack 4j GBP.

We have also developed an OpenStack Addon and App for Splunk.

Terraform is Infrastructure as Code for building infrastructure with configuration files. It has different providers for integration. We have developed, modified, or provided bug fixes to various providers and modules.

Apache Mesos

Apache Mesos is an open-source project to manage computer clusters. We have contributed to Apache Mesos through bug fixes, improvement fixes, and feature requests.

Date: 20th October 2016
Author: Manuwela Kanade

Infracost Contribution

Infracost shows cloud cost estimates for infrastructure-as-code projects such as Terraform. It helps DevOps, SRE and developers to quickly see a cost breakdown and compare different options upfront.

We contributed different pricing model for Azure and AWS cloud in Azure VPN Gateway, Azure notification Hub and Azure step function.

Date: 28th Aug 2021
Author: Praveen Ghuge

Pull requests – 901, 700, 720.

NFF-Go: Network Function Framework for GO (former YANFF)

NFF-Go is a set of libraries for creating and deploying cloud-native Network Functions (NFs). It simplifies the creation of network functions without sacrificing performance. NFF-Go is part of DPDK project umbrella under Linux Foundation.

Our contribution is Development of fixed BNG-PGW Data Plane (DP) Virtual Network Function (VNF ) which supports the following PGW Data Path(DP) features:

  • PCC (Policy Control and Charging) rules configuration.
  • ADC (Application Detection and control) rules configuration.
  • Packet Filters for Service Data Flow (SDF) configuration.
  • Packet Selectors/Filters for ADC configuration.
  • UE sessions with multiple Bearer support.
  • KNI with static ARP and dynamic arp support
  • Using Netlink for route and arp cache discovery and lookup.
  • CP (Control Path) Simulator for establishing UE session.

Date: 1st Nov 2018
Author: Amit Wankhede

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