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Enabling you, with a full control over your Cloud Cost

With scale and flexibility, creep in inefficiencies. Monitoring & managing cloud usage manually becomes operationally impossible.

CloudGain is a comprehensive tool that mines through your AWS and Azure billing details & usage over a period of time to analyse & recommend reductions in your cloud Spends. No more surprises in your AWS and Azure Invoices!

Gain Visibility

No matter how complex your cloud infrastructure, gain complete visibility into your cloud spend across services, instances, and accounts all in one place.

Optimize & Save Cost

Spot resources which are not in use, assess your on-demand vs. reserved spends see and realise your potential savings from hidden contributors.

Receive Alerts & Recommendations

Get resizing recommendations, instance generation recommendations, set policies, and alert notifications.

Key Features of CloudGain – Cost Management Tool

Garnering Results For Enterprise Success

Unified Cost Dashboard

Get a stock of all your spending across linked accounts, historical trends over the last few months and track service-wise contributions to your AWS and Azure bills

Complete Control With You

CloudGain only needs read-only access to your AWS and Azure account to bring forth the recommendations. It does not change things on its own. You have full control.

Comprehensive Reports

Get cost and usage reports with minute at resource level details, cost saving recommendation reports along with potential savings, historical data per service and AWS and Azure Costs across days & months.

Custom Alerts

Set custom policies that can trigger alerts & notifications.

Built For MSP’s And Resellers

Resellers can easily add value to their offerings by integrating all their accounts with CloudGain and start getting detailed analysis and recommendations for better cloud management for their Clients


A Complete Guide to Reducing your Cloud Bills.

Industry Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization

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