Culture And Values

Centered around technology innovation and driven by the amazing team of professionals at GS Lab. Here’s a look at what sets us apart from the rest!

Technocrats at heart!

At GS Lab, we love technology. Almost 96% of our employees boast of a technology background — right from our founders to our sales teams, so it’s no surprise that we take pride in calling ourselves engineers. Our team members are change agents and we strive to keep their interests at the center and create a conducive environment where they can express themselves, innovate, and grow.

A positively supercharged environment

With the right ingredients, any workplace can be transformed into fun places to work. All you need is a supercharged environment to fuel your ideas, colleagues who share your passion, and innovative work to deliver a unique flavor to your workplace.

As technocrats, we believe technology is the answer to most of life’s challenges but the solutions are far from simple.

With relentless efforts, calculative risks, an experimental mindset, and a structured investment we can stay on top of the evolution and harness the power of technology. Tomorrow’s products will be the result of today’s technological innovation and breakthroughs. All we do is create a conducive environment.

Our Core Values

Culture of Innovation

Focus on customer success


Vital elements of GS Lab fabric

A flat structure

No, we are definitely not flat-earthers, but GS Lab celebrates non-hierarchical straight talk. Ping anyone from the business unit head to the management team, and you will get a response! The open-door environment has enabled us to generate ideas from everyone in the company.

Where every setback is a stepping stone to success

We are a company of dreamers and achievers. At GS Lab, we encourage people to try out new ideas, approaches, and ways of doing things without worrying about setbacks or even failure. After all, it takes a thousand broken filaments to invent the bulb.

Meritocracy and growth

Not only do we value talent and hard work but also reward it with growth. Come aboard and meet numerous examples of our fast movers.

Learning doesn’t stop

Tie-ups with top educational institutes, sponsoring MOOCs, and internal knowledge sharing sessions are only some examples of how GS Lab enables individuals to keep upgrading their knowledge and skills.

Cauldron of culture and potpourri

There is always something fun happening here — from cultural and sports events, to tech initiatives and competitions, making GS Lab a fun workplace. Several initiatives including a book club and a dance floor have been created here at GS Lab.

Striking the right work-life balance

We believe in spending time where it matters most. Our flexible work schedules ensure you can be with your loved ones right when they need you, and this was long before the onset of COVID.

Safe, worry-free environments

From employee-friendly policies to strict POSH implementations, we aim to create a worry-free environment. While this is a must-have for the creative and innovative work our engineers do, it reassures our team members that they are at the heart of all we do.

Giving back to the community

Awards and accolades give us the recognition we need to spur us on, but it is the entire external ecosystem—our communities, our countries, our roots—that have played a key role in our success. And it is only fitting that we dedicate time and our humble efforts to give it back.

Employee Testimonials

GS Lab provides employees a platform to explore and grow. We have a very women-friendly culture that empowers us to easily balance our time between the workplace and home. The flexibility provided by GS Lab is absolutely fantastic.

Pooja Uniyal, Associate Technical Manager#Interior Decorator, #Traveler, #Photographer

There is no dearth of cutting edge technologies – like ML, AI, Cloud, Analytics, Kubernetes etc. – that you get to work on in GS Lab. You not only get to work with a number of customers with numerous real life problems, but you also get to apply your technological knowhow to provide elegant solutions. Deploying these solutions and witnessing their dramatic results provides great satisfaction.

Sameer Mahajan, Principal Architect#Philosopher, #Blogger, #reader

Leaders at GS Lab really empower you to drive change. This flat, free-thinking culture creates an institution that lets you grow beyond traditional roles.

Manisha Deshpande, Practice Manager#avidtraveller, #trekker, #artist

As a start-up founder who built a team offering IoT solutions, my experience of being on-boarded (along with the whole team) into GS Lab was simply superb. GS Lab’s management team is clear on their goals, and invest in the long-term approach, with unflinching ethics. They enable leaders to take on new challenges and deliver. I think this sets GS Lab apart.

Mandar Gadre, Director of Engineering#reader, #blogger, #poet

GS Lab is an organization that invests heavily in creating next-level leaders. Leaders not only get the freedom to innovate here, but they also get the flexibility to take risks.

Mrinal Srivastava, Account Manager – IAM#Socio-political enthusiast, #storyteller

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