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GS Labs Data Science teams help you maximize value from your data and build data-driven systems from the ground up. We help hi-tech products develop their data strategy and help them manage their complete data pipeline right from data acquisition to complex machine learning models. We believe the real power of data is appreciated when we move from data to insights to decisions and actions.

Our solutions-based approach helps us focus on the problem we are trying to solve. For example, the solution could be simple descriptive analytics where we present the data in an “easy to consume” format, or we could move a step further and add more intelligence through diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive capabilities built-in machines with automation.

We find the best fit solution to the problem using underlying data, cloud, and analytics technologies and help organizations craft strategies that yield results.

Offerings & Solution

Powering you to make well-informed decisions

Data Architecture and Strategy

End-to-end view from data acquisition, processing pipelines, ML models to model deployment and monitoring in production. We help you define data architectures and also resolve architectural issues to improve operationalizing the data science team’s work.

Data Engineering

Manage Big Data with high throughput and low latency. We have know-how of ETL tools and techniques, including warehouses, NoSQL, stream-processing, and distributed computing systems to help store and analyze data most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Data visualization

Data visualization solutions for data associated with physical worlds, geographic maps, 3d models and geospatial analytic tools.

Business Intelligence

Realize more value with actionable insights, BI dashboards, reports, and trends by leveraging BI Tools like QlikView, Tableau, Power BI, Infor BI, Watson Analytics.

Real-time Insights

Hands-on experience in weaving together complex systems of streaming frameworks, NoSQL data stores, and the Hadoop ecosystem to provide actionable intelligence on your real-time streaming data.

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Higher Success Rate

With an 85% success rate for Data Science projects, we ensure your investments meet your end goals.

Multidisciplinary teams

We have a cohesive interdisciplinary team experienced with multiple end-to-end Data Science projects

Pragmatic Approach

We help establish feasibility with rudimentary models and then implement a complete Data Science pipeline till model deployment and monitoring

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Inference Bridge – Simplifying MLOps

Our Innovative solution in MLOps helps bridge the gap between data science and the production environment.

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