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Leveraging Azure CDN & Azure Media services to improve Podcast Delivery

The advent of cloud computing has introduced phenomenal changes in the way we build and deploy applications. With the continuous evolution of cloud computing models, the technology think tanks must make informed decisions about which cloud services and payment models can deliver the best results most cost-effectively.

When new businesses (or an existing one looking to migrate) envision their cloud adoption journey, they often miss out on a crucial step — setting up a cloud cost management framework. This miss may lead to a rapid rise in an organization’s cloud instances, less-than-optimal services, or issues with providers, leading to increased costs in cloud deployment and maintenance.

This eBook focuses on the cost optimization methods applied to almost any cloud provider. At the same time, it provides guidance to help the Developers/DevOps Team adopt industry best practices to design, deliver, and cost-effectively maintain environments.

The eBook throws light on Industry Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization and links to essential resources all in one place.

Learn everything about:

  • Monitoring up-time with automation
  • Instance Sizing
  • Use of Reserve Instances
  • Auto Scaling
  • Monitoring & alerts
  • Use of native free tools
  • Use of tags and labels
  • Data Transfer
  • Storage

The book covers best practices for Azure, AWS, and GCP Platforms.

Who Should Download

Developers | Architects | DevOps Team members | IT Teams

Cloud Cost Optimization - eBook Free Download
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