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5G and Edge computing are architecting the cloud for the next era across multiple Industries like manufacturing, transport, gaming, pharma, and many more. With ultra-modern connectivity, the networks are advancing and are having a larger impact. The evolvement of coverage and performance has led to upcoming connectivity-enabled use cases with increasing legal and regulatory implications playing a vital role. GS Lab | GAVS can help you explore the power of 5G with Edge computing within multiple use cases.

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Organizations aim to bring new business outcomes with 5G and edge computing. GS Lab | GAVS is poised to help you with end-to-end business and technical services to adopt and run smoothly on the 5G and MEC journey.

Value definition and implementation strategy consulting

Design and architecture assessment

Migration, implementation, and integration

Application development and deployment

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Faster Testing, Deployment, and Managed Services with these Accelerators

Octopus – vEPC compliance tracker

Octopus is a complete & automated vEPC testing tool that reduces your vEPC testing time from days to minutes. It’s a comprehensive testing tool that works across various EPCs with different components and protocols. It also helps you trace all the messages at each connection point.


5G-in-a-box is your all-in-one vEPC sandbox designed to accelerate ONF’s 5G deployment and testing across any infrastructure (Cloud, Virtual or Bare metal). It is a single-click, easy-to-deploy, and open-source sandbox that can be easily extended to any private vEPCs.


Designed and architected to address the ITOps problems of today & tomorrow. It is the only platform that is powered by true machine-learning algorithms that enable adaptability to modern-day IT infrastructure, self-learning, and Proactive IT operations. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on telemetry data ingested in real-time, ZIF provides insights and resolves issues predicted by the platform – resulting in consistent availability of application services whenever the end-user needs them.

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