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How you start off your career shapes the first few years of your journey and determines the experiences, learnings and opportunities that will mold your future growth. This is why it is critical to find the right organization that identifies your true potential, nurtures your talent and provides opportunities that suit your needs.

At GS Lab, our employee-focused policies center on a high-energy work environment that provides exactly what growing minds need. We work with leading technology companies and innovative startups to build their products. Hence, our engineers get the opportunity to work on leading technologies, building futuristic products and solutions that solve the challenges of tomorrow.

We are looking for young minds with brand new ideas, raring to go and unafraid of asking questions or volunteering ideas. We are looking for those with a fresh pair of eyes, who love to challenge technology boundaries, bring a solution-driven approach, strive to stay ahead of the curve, and want to make an impact.

What do we offer?

A seat at the table

We are growing. And we are growing fast globally! With growth comes opportunities. Hop on and be part of an exciting growth story! We are a right size organization where your work and impact will get noticed.

Endless learning opportunities to ace at your game

We have partnered with premier academic institutions, eLearning platforms and industry-leading forums for the best-in-class learning modules and trainings. Go ahead and take that leap into the academic world as you work.

A flat structure

No, we are not flat-earthers! But our organization celebrates non-hierarchical straight talk. Ping anyone from the business unit head to the CEO and you will get a response! The open-door environment has enabled us to generate ideas from everyone in the company.

A place for every passion

Be part of a plethora of cultural events, sports events and tech initiatives that make GS Lab a fun workplace. It could be a book club, a dance floor or anything in between. The choice is all yours.

A chance to work with the best

We pride ourselves on professionals with seasoned talent, accompanied by hard work and we reward it with growth. You will get to meet and compete with many superstars like yourself, challenging you to raise the benchmark of excellence. Isn’t this going to be an exciting ride?

Where every setback is a stepping stone to success

We are a company of dreamers and achievers. At GS Lab, we encourage people to try out new ideas, approaches, and ways of doing things without worrying about setbacks or even failure. After all, it takes a thousand broken filaments to invent the bulb.

If you think you would be a terrific fit at GS Lab, what are you waiting for? Scout for some exciting opportunities here. 

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Take a look at what some of our employees have to say about their growth journey at GS Lab

Even as I started my journey at GS Lab, my managers gave high value to my opinions and ideas. I was encouraged to learn the latest technologies and work on the coolest products. The organization entrusts you with big responsibilities while ensuring that you have the right guidance to achieve your objectives.

Kushagra Mall,Embedded Engineer

I have always found data science exciting. When I joined GS Lab as an intern, I expressed my interest in the area. My managers gave me a project and gave me good pointers and guidance. Looking at the results, I was asked to join a team solving a complex healthcare problem using data science. I get the freedom to try new things and also get good guidance from experts. I could not have asked for more.

Vatsal Gupta,Data Scientist

What do people have to say?

4.2 Rating on Glassdoor

Find out more about GS Lab at our Glassdoor profile. We are sure it will give you a crystal-clear picture of what it is like to work here.

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