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Bring balance, flexibility and a technological edge to your career with GS Lab.

Our aspirations, dreams and goals change with age, maturity and the stage of life that we are at. At GS lab, we understand the different stages of your career growth. Our employee-focused policies center around a high energy work environment helps you meet your life goals.

Here’s how.

With the right work-life balance, solution-seeking environment and the flexibility to choose a technology path or people manager path for your growth, we are positive that you will find what you are looking for at GS Lab.

We are looking for experienced professionals who love to challenge technology boundaries, bring a solution-driven approach, strive to stay ahead of the curve, and want to make an impact.

What do we offer?

A seat at the table

We are growing. And we are growing fast globally! With growth comes opportunities. Hop on and be part of an exciting growth story! We are a right size organization where your work and impact will get noticed.

A chance to work with the best

We pride ourselves on professionals with seasoned talent, accompanied by hard work and we reward it with growth. You will get to meet and compete with many superstars like yourself, challenging you to raise the benchmark of excellence. Isn’t this going to be an exciting ride?

A technologically rewarding experience

Our collaborations allow us to partner with leading software and digital product development companies around the world, ranging from technology giants to innovative startups. As a result, our engineers work with the best minds in the industry, equipped with the latest tools, technologies, and processes. Our customers look to us to build solutions, and that’s what we look for in our engineers.

A stress-free life

Our flexible work schedules enable you to be with your loved ones right when they need you the most. And when it comes to your medicals, we provide health insurance for your partner and children, and allow you to insure your parents and parents-in-law, so that you are stress-free. The cherry on the top is that this is over and above your CTC. Relieved already?

Where every setback is a stepping stone to success

We are a company of dreamers and achievers. At GS Lab, we encourage people to try out new ideas, approaches, and ways of doing things without worrying about setbacks or even failure. After all, it takes a thousand broken filaments to invent the bulb.

A roadmap to leadership

Our Learning and Development team drives our flagship Leadership Development program to create capable technology leaders to meet the growing needs of our business. With an extensive set of industry-best training modules, it is nothing less than a roadmap to leadership, a roadmap to success.

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Who says you have to become a people manager for growth? We are a technology company and that means we have an in-depth technology track for growth as well.

Take a look at what some of our employees have to say about their growth journey at GS Lab

There is no dearth of cutting edge technologies – like ML, AI, Cloud, Analytics, Kubernetes etc. – that you get to work on in GS Lab. You not only get to work with a number of customers with numerous real life problems, but you also get to apply your technological know-how to provide elegant solutions. Deploying these solutions and witnessing their dramatic results provides great satisfaction.

Sameer Mahajan,Principal Architect

Leaders at GS Lab really empower you to drive change. This flat, free-thinking culture creates an institution that lets you grow beyond traditional roles.

Manisha Deshpande,Practice Manager

As a start-up founder who built a team offering IoT solutions, my experience of being on-boarded (along with the whole team) into GS Lab was simply superb. GS Lab’s management team is clear on their goals, and invest in the long-term approach, with unflinching ethics. They enable leaders to take on new challenges and deliver. I think this sets GS Lab apart.

Mandar Gadre,Director of Engineering

GS Lab is an organization that invests heavily in creating next-level leaders. Leaders not only get the freedom to innovate here, but they also get the flexibility to take risks.

Mrinal Srivastava,Account Manager – IAM

What do people have to say?

4.2 Rating on Glassdoor

Find out more about GS Lab at our Glassdoor profile. We are sure it will give you a crystal-clear picture of what it is like to work here.

Restart Your Career

Restart is GS Lab’s outreach program to onboard women in the technology space who have taken a break and are now looking to resume their tech journeys. The program is a ticket to a successful career relaunch that’s exciting, rewarding, and full of endless possibilities. In Restart, we neither ask you the reason for your break nor talk about its duration.

All we care about is your desire to bounce back and restart afresh.

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