Technology Catalyst for Digital Healthcare 

The healthcare ecosystem is changing fast. The current pandemic and the overall shift of patients to consumers is driving providers & payers to adopt digital healthcare systems that are transparent, integrated and cost-effective. Providers are trying to ease the pressure on the resource crunch by choosing innovative solutions. This demand drives healthcare IT systems to adopt virtual care in the form of telemedicine, digital therapeutics, wearables, remote patient monitoring systems, and mhealth. There is a big push to reduce inefficiencies through process automation. All the stakeholders are leveraging ML to gain insights, build better products and discover newer business models.

GS Lab’s healthcare practice acts as a technology catalyst for healthcare product companies by accelerating their technology roadmap and helping them achieve the delicate balance between providing better consumer experience and maximizing their IT investments. As a technology frontrunner, GS Lab has proven expertise across communications, IoT, embedded, system integration, data science & analytics, mobile, cloud and system integration platforms with in-depth knowledge in regulatory standards and compliances.


Our Healthcare Domain Expertise

Virtual Care

  • Telemedicine
  • Remote patient care
  • Patient portals
  • Hospital management systems
  • Wellness & disease management applications
  • mHealth

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

  • Wearable and implants
  • Imaging solutions
  • Driver development

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Claims management
  • Reimbursements
  • Billing systems
  • RPAs for financial workflows
  • Payment gateway integrations and connectors

Our Technology Expertise

Communications and Multimedia Expertise

GS Lab’s expertise across communication and multimedia expertise is unparalleled. We have been development partners for leading communication platforms. Our knowledge across all forms of media (video, text and image) and expertise across communication protocols makes us an ideal partner for the development of telemedicine and patient monitoring applications.

IoT and Embedded Expertise

GS Lab’s end-to-end expertise across IoT value chain right from hardware & firmware to consumer applications accelerates your product roadmap in the fields of digital therapeutics, monitoring applications and wearables. We can help you with sensors, gateways, firmware and edge computing.

Cloud Expertise

GS Lab’s has deep partnerships across major cloud platforms. Our expertise across virtualization, networking, DevOps, microservices and cloud-native engineering helps healthcare product companies modernize their infrastructure and re-architecture their products to encash the benefits of cloud technology.

AI, ML, Analytics and Data Science Expertise

GS Lab’s multidisciplinary team of data scientists, data engineers and DSP experts help healthcare companies convert data into actionable insights. We can engineer ML and data science solutions across your products. We help companies reimagine their business models with the power of AI, ML and data science.

Our Success Stories

  • Harnessing voice samples to diagnose health issues using data science
    We developed a next-gen data-science based solution that diagnoses medical conditions using a person’s voice as a biomarker. This platform enables users to record short voice samples and turns these into analytical data, which is used to train data science models for early detection of health conditions.
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  • Smart wearable medical device and implant for patient monitoring
    We developed a smart medical implant and a wearable miniature device to monitor body vitals through web and mobile app. We seamlessly connected the hardware, firmware, and software while conforming to FDA/FCC standards and regulations.
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  • Smart urine color analysis for cancer patient health monitoring
    We developed a mobile and web application that can capture an image and analyze it based on ML algorithms to provide analysis of urine components for cancer. The app is HIPPA and GDPR compliant.
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  • A remote patient monitoring system for intensive care units
    We developed a video monitoring solution for intensive care units where caregivers can monitor the health of patients remotely. A dashboard also displays the health status of each patient. Doctors can monitor patients through video calls and can quickly add more doctors to get a diagnosis done quickly
  • A fall detection system for a personal emergency response system
    We developed a wearable device that helps detect falls using motion detection and advanced pattern recognition. The solution also has a web portal for caregivers; with intuitive dashboards. We also developed an algorithm to learn patterns and detect anomalies.
  • Patient readmission analytics – for a mid-sized hospital
    We developed a BI solution that could detect and monitor patient readmissions. We also automated the data acquisition process from multiple sources.
  • Information management system for a US-based hospital chain
    We developed a centralized hospital information management system that keeps a record of all the health staff members with their specialization. We also developed a quick calendar dashboard, which gives a clear picture of the surgeon’s daily schedule and avoids delays and overlaps in appointment scheduling.

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