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End-to-end Medical Device Development

At GS Lab, we help Medtech, IVD and Digital Healthcare companies build medical devices for consumable, point of care, diagnostic and surgical use cases. We help you through all the phases of medical device development, right from – initial concept and PoC to complete the transfer through production manufacturing. We bring an integrated approach to medical device development with equal emphasis on software components and hardware design.

Our multidisciplinary teams have extensive experience across hardware, firmware and software development and can help you optimize your investments through a phase-wise approach. We help you facilitate regulatory compliances by documenting and tracking design and development controls for the project.

We leverage our core expertise across cloud & edge, communications & signal processing, data science and IoT & embedded technologies to deliver value-added solutions on top of medical devices.

GS Lab has partnered with iO life science to accelerate product design and development expertise. Io life Science is a full-service partner for medical device innovators providing development capabilities across industrial and mechanical design coupled with financial support and access to its extensive network of medical experts.

Offerings and Solutions

Hardware & Embedded Hardware Design

Strong expertise across electronic components, design of multi-layer PCBs, flexible circuits, hardware assembly & testing

Firmware Development

Development of optimized & robust firmware applications for bare-metal, RTOS or embedded Linux based systems.

Sensors, Wireless communication and Utra-Low Power Management

Hands-on experience of handling a wide range of sensors & AFEs (Analog Front Ends), wireless communication protocols such as BLE, NFC, and WiFi and dealt with various battery options

Software in Medical Devices

Extensive experience building softwares for various types of medical devices including IoMT systems and their integrations

Software as Medical Device Development

Experience building high accuracy and compliant software which can be used as medical devices in the areas of dignostics, treatments, imaging, monitoring and drug management.

Cloud and Mobile applications

Experience building cloud native and cross platform applications for various use cases

Data management solutions

Expertise across complete data cycle right from data acquisition to data engineering to data viustailization and insights

AI/ML solutions

Leveraging our IoT, cloud and data science capabilities, we can build AI/ML solutions for various consumable, point of care, and diagnostic use cases.

Our Approach

  • Requirement Mapping and Feasibility assessment
  • Identifying user requirements
  • Concept exploration on the technology front
  • Feasibility Assessment – Test ideas and mitigate high risk
  • Prototype Design & Development
  • Device and interface design
  • Build, test, and improve
  • Commercialization
  • Prototype validation and usability testing
  • Testing and compliance adherence
  • Transfer for manufacturing

Our Differentiators

Multidisciplinary Teams

Integrated approach with experts for hardware, firmware and software development

Compliance 1st Methodology

Data security is paramount for us and we are ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR compliant with ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 compliances under implementation

Problem-statement driven approach

We keep the customer problem at the center and develop solutions with appropriate technology stack (and not the other way round)

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