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Crafting a Secure Foundation for Your Products and Services


Defend your virtual assets & Infrastructure against vulnerabilities

As organizations and individuals race towards digitalization and hyper-connectedness, another critical element that needs to be considered is the increased need for security. While a variety of digital touchpoints across products may present the opportunity to harness data close to the source and derive insights, they are also hyper-connected and a single exposed point can lead to multiple loopholes.

Security is paramount for every software and digital product across all layers, including infrastructure, network, data, application, and cloud.

At GS Lab, we help our customers build a robust and secure foundation for their products and services.

Our team of experienced engineers has developed security products across industries and domains such as identity and access governance, data protection, network security, and threat management and mitigation.

We help our customers leverage breakthrough technologies such as IoT, cloud, and embedded systems in a secure and compliant manner.

Our product engineering experience makes us the ideal partner for consulting, implementation, system integration, and operations management for key SIEM and IAM products.

Offerings & Solution

Safegaurding your IT Ecosytem

Identity and Access Management

  • Product and feature engineering
  • Integration and customization
  • Risk and compliance
  • Testing and automation

Security, Incidence and Event Management

  • Product and feature engineering
  • Security Operation Centre
  • Level 2 and 3 security infrastructure managed services
  • Integration and customization

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • SecOps
  • Cloud Governance
  • Security testing

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IdentityDesk is a complete user lifecycle and access management solution that helps your IT team streamline the end-users’ journey — from provisioning to change management to de-provisioning.

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