GS Lab’s Energy Industry group is helping companies transform, grow and adapt in an increasingly digital world.

Benefits from the digitization of efficient energy generation and optimal consumption can be created at many points along the value network, but consider the opportunities from having visibility across the entire stream. Learning and leveraging information from each device has to be correlated and powered in context with each other during deployment.

GS Lab’s homegrown energy monitoring solution helps monitor and control power delivered to an appliance in a non-invasive way, using predictive analytics to optimize asset maintenance.

Why GS Lab?

  • GS Lab engineered solution using granular insight into energy usage and emerging predictive capabilities, could help customer lead to savings of up to 25% without disturbing the existing process and infrastructure.
  • Expertise in dealing with industry standard equipments – help you improve return on investment
  • GS Lab homegrown solution to maximize solar investment, helps increase power generation by 10-20%

Service Offerings

Strategy and Consulting

The general transition towards efficient energy generation and optimal consumption is a continuous process that poses various challenges for established companies. Key drivers of this transformation are the ever growing pace of technological progress and increased connectivity. GS Lab’s experts support companies in identifying and taking advantage of the opportunities and the potential created by digitization.

Our solution aims at integration of diverse sources of information to provide new insights, enhance efficiency and reap the maximum value from information assets.

Replacing paper and manual processes with software allows businesses to automatically collect data that can be mined to better understand process performance, cost drivers, and causes of risk. Real-time reports and dashboards on digital-process performance permit managers to address problems before they become critical.