For nearly a decade, financial institutes have been facing an unprecedented array of challenges as well as intense pressure from customers and regulators. Compounding this tough environment is a new powerful force that has emerged financial technology (FinTech)

The financial services sector is in the middle of a digital revolution that represents the most significant change in banking for years. In most markets, FinTech start-ups present a credible threat to incumbent financial institutes. Using a combination of technology, consumer-centric service, and flexible business practices, these startups are reducing the cost of doing business, extending their customer base and taking market-share from established rivals. In the post financial crisis world, banks and other financial intermediaries are also impacted by multiple new regulations and new acts.

To compete successfully in this environment, financial services firms need to execute on a customer-centric digital strategy and need to have ability to provide service through efficient operations, technological innovations, and automation. This requires the very strong partnership between business and technology that is scalable and adaptive to various customer needs.

GS Lab delivers successful solutions that transform top global exchanges and payment providers. Our strong technology expertise coupled with domain knowledge and ability to understand customer’s business helps us provide leading edge solutions and products across capital markets, credit, payments and financial data analytics domains.

At present, we are helping one of the world’s largest derivatives exchange in every function of their business, from trade matching, post trade activities like clearing the settlement to regulatory reporting. While providing our expertise in all aspects of trade lifecycle, we are also helping them build next generation enterprise data hub on cloud, creating pipelines to ingest raw data generated from various lifecycle events, co-relating data and making it ready for advanced analytics and reporting.

We are also building solutions for on-demand credit applications, integration with banks, merchants and payment gateways through application programming interfaces.

Service Offerings

Exchange & Trading

Advent of high frequency trading (HFT) and algorithmic trading is altering the financial landscape as firms look at trading in milliseconds.

Market Data & Analysis

Interrogate internal and external data to better understand customers and drive efficiencies


Rise of payment technologies is altering the payment processing industry. Are you well equipped for the change?

Post Trade & Clearing

Reduce operational and systemic risk within the market with post-trade and clearing

Regulatory Services

Robust oversight, compliance and risk management standards. Need of the hour!