In today’s competitive and technology driven world, Manufacturing Industry is striving towards smart productivity gains, increasing financial growth along with delivering high quality products.

The dynamic manufacturing industry is gearing up to transit from Industry 3.0: the Internet Revolution to Industry 4.0: The Cyber Physical Revolution. Most manufacturing environments fit into one of the five categories-

  • Repetitive
  • Discrete
  • Job Shop
  • Process (batch) and
  • Process (continuous)

Digitalization has the potential to impact each touch point in these processes along the value chain by streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiencies, and providing planners and managers with greater insight into their value chains. Manufacturing industry has aligned itself with ‘Data-Driven Manufacturing’,and we need to first understand how the manufacturing industry itself interprets the term ‘Data-Driven Manufacturing’?
If ‘Data’ is leveraged correctly it can;

  • Reduce overhead manufacturing costs
  • Optimize research and development efforts
  • Help in building customer-centric models
  • Enhance internal functionality driving productivity and digital literacy of the organization.

In many manufacturing organizations, even today operational data, field data, customer feedback data and enterprise data are in silos. This data is either physically present or on disparate systems that are unable to talk to each other. Some major challenges for the manufacturing sector are;

  • Finding ways of embedding analytics throughout their enterprise and fuel profitable growth with the insights.
  • Using Real-Time data to reduce bottlenecks or breakdowns in terms of materials, manpower and resources.
  • Automation of software processes from productivity and profitability view

Service Offerings

Implementing our ability to help discrete, process, automotive manufacturers transform their business and successfully adopt new workstreams and information flows is derived from extensive experience we have by performing a wide array of digital transformational projects

Embedded Telematics

Using on field data to leverage business opportunities-
Combining telecom and Informatics – we help manufacturers develop telematics solutions to enhance connectivity and responsiveness that provides complete data visibility from product development through sales and service.

We help manufacturers analyse internal processes and provide consulting and software process automation initiatives to streamline operations, boost productivity, and adapt quickly to the market – creating better business outcomes for the organization.

Business intelligence and reporting software provides real-time data analysis and visualization capabilities to give manufacturers a competitive advantage among different stakeholders and define better business strategies.


GS Lab offers smart business and software solutions that are highly impactful and transformational for the organization. We consult and implement innovative solutions that can be custom-integrated by a variety of industries.

Fleet management

Our smart fleet management solutions leverage latest technologies to virtualize your machines, increase operational efficiency, while reducing manual interference, thus minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Our end-to-end solutions empower fleet owners/operators to remotely control and manage their assets in real-time using mobile devices

One of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers is to track and trace each and every component that comprises your product – from suppliers, manufacturers, through assembly, dealers, retailers to the final consumers of the product. Our comprehensive solutions help manufacturers dealing in diverse domains like Pharma, Automobile, Heavy machinery etc. to track their products right upto batch or serial numbers in order to ensure quality control, meet legal norms and compliance.

Research Report

Journey From Digitalization to Digitalization

A beginner’s guide on how to achieve Digital Manufacturing. A step towards Industry 4.0. Gain deeper insights into leveraging Data for enhancing manufacturing processes and how to achieve digital transformation

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