Oil & Gas

In an age where emerging digital technologies promise to transform the Oil and Gas Industry, organizations and IT leaders are faced with a multitude of decisions as to where to begin.  With a growing number of providers and solutions to choose from, these mission critical investment decisions are meant to take the industry into the future.  Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, mobility, cloud computing, as well as artificial intelligence are leading an era of substantial realignment around the opportunity known as the “digital oilfield.”

IoT is irreversibly changing the way businesses think about field automation and data collection.  Data science and artificial intelligence are impacting every industry, but it is also observed that many are still struggling to understand the difference between machine learning and neural networks or even what a ‘Data Lake’ is.  The advancement of cloud-based SCADA solutions (‘SCADA as a Service’) along with ever changing communications network capabilities are all intertwined in the mix of decisions CIO’s and their teams must promote.  And last but certainly not least, is the newest question of how Blockchain Technology will benefit the complex O&G supply chain.

The expected benefits from these various solutions are broad and substantial, to include:

  • Increased Cost Efficiency
  • Higher Asset Value Realization
  • Enhanced Work Force Productivity
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Improved Quality & Readability

Finding platform agnostic service providers to aid in defining a way forward is essential to success for IT Execs and their organizations.  GS Lab engineers are developing and implementing smart software to bridge the gap between sensors, infrastructure and business every day.  We are also aggressively advancing our partner network to include industry specific solutions and competencies

Services provided by GS Lab include:
  • Asset monitoring, performance & utilization
  • Enterprise Data Lake & Cloud Analytics
  • Identity Access Management & Security
  • Infrastructure & Network Optimization
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Storage Tank Monitoring & Efficiency
  • Surveillance System Integration & Monitoring