Security & Surveillance

Video Surveillance is in the market for decades and has become a most sought after solution wherever physical security is of concern. With analytics space growing video surveillance is not anymore a threat detection (monitoring and recording) solution but is becoming a threat prevention solution and is also expanding in the areas where video and images analysis can lead to the prediction of the outcome such as quality of the crops.

GSLab with the focus on video streaming and analysis from the day of its inception is been serving customer working in this area and have major names in its portfolio. GSLab currently works with the two major clients in the area of video surveillance and are in all the areas of the product i.e. right from product requirement, feature design, development, testing, deployment and support to the end customer. Supporting the end customers ranging from airports to defence to universities to stadiums has given GSLab deep insight into the customer needs and their pain points.

Some of the recent features engineered at GS Lab are:

Covert Video:

After the attack on Brussels airport there was a request from one of the European airports if the video surveillance can covert the live and recorded video. The reason was to safeguard sensitive information from the people who have access to the system but are not the administrator of the system. Though the feature sounds simple and straightforward the complexity was in providing or removing the access at the user and camera level and media server which provides access to the streams having no information about the user. GS Lab designed and engineered this feature and is now at use at the airport.

HTML5 based video player:

As most of the video surveillance manager in the market has plugin based video player for browsers and browsers removing support for the plugins there is an immediate need to move to non-plugin based HTML5 based video player. The challenge in video surveillance is latency. Moving from RTSP-based streaming to HTTP-based streaming the latency increases. GSLab took this challenge and delivered HTML5 based video player with a live latency of 5 seconds.

Apart from this GSLab has camera connector team which is well aware of the proprietary standards of major camera manufacturers such as HIKVision, Bosch, Pelco, Axis, Cisco, Vivotek etc. and common standard such as ONVIF.