The telecommunications industry has a complicated relationship with the new era of digitization. The industry is an important building block for Industry 4.0, propelling a transformation in how businesses, governments, and individuals interact, collaborate and compete. Telecommunications has played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of other sectors including retail, financial services, healthcare and more, but this digital revolution presents an aggressive challenge to the primacy of business models and infrastructure that this sector has spent decades building.

To unlock the value of digitization and avoid being restricted to a utility model enabling customers, partners, and employees to work in a healthy ecosystem, facilitating newer ways of servicing with agile responsiveness would make any outfit catapult itself in order to start ahead of their competition.

Audio, Video, Content and Screen Share can give the company an edge and with GS Lab’s demonstrated experience in developing custom solutions on existing infrastructure has helped our clients achieve significant improvements.

  • Increased service efficiency
  • Decreased working capital
  • Improved product / service utilization

Why GS Lab?

  • Deep domain expertise
  • Extensive testing experience
  • Crafted solutions for Unicorns and Fortune 500 companies



A countless number of employees use cell phones as a part of their everyday business communication strategy…

Hold a virtual meeting with screen sharing or remotely access a colleague’s computer to help him with a quick fix!


Tackle the challenges of call quality and enhance the voice to ensure your message is communicated with clarity…