Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Do you often get shocked by looking at your monthly cloud spending?
  • Do you wish to lower your recurrent cloud spending significantly?
  • Do you want to be in full control over your cloud spending?

GS Lab’s Cloud Cost Optimization tool provides enterprises with rich analytics and deep visibility, by detailing consumption patterns across their cloud environment.

The tool helps identify unexpected, underutilized and unused cloud resources along with remediation suggestions, allowing the cloud operators to realise cost savings immediately.

With Cloud Cost Optimization tool, you can set policies that can trigger notifications on unexpected usage allowing enterprises to continuously maintain high levels of cloud cost efficiency.


Cost Analysis and recommendations based on various parameters
Historical data storage and analysis
Easy to use and integrate
Requires only read access
Role based view and customizable dashboard
Alerts and notifications

Dashboard Insights

Gain insights with a centralized view of cloud cost and usage across enterprise cloud environment.

Granular Cost Reports

Deep analytics allows operators with visibility to top expensive cloud resources across multiple clouds.

Cost Efficiency Tracking

Track optimization potential for unused and underutilized resources, providing options / recommendations to resize, remove and purchase to maximize cost efficiency.

What to expect:

Cloud Cost Optimization tool helps assess the cloud inventory, analyses it’s utilizations and recommends optimization for cloud cost savings

“GS Lab’s Cloud Cost Optimization helped a video surveillance application achieve 60% saving in AWS intra region data transfer charges”