Contributions To M-CORD Open Source

MME, HSS, SGW, PGW, S5S8, Secured Billing


GS Lab’s Expertise

4G EPC, CUPS architecture, development and testing of M-CORD.

Research partners of Intel Labs for M-CORD and related work.

M-CORD core contribution for Performance , Scaling and Conformance as per 3GPP specs.

Handling challenges in CUPS development and deployment. Intel SGX platform based secured billing system from CUPS deployment to CTF.

Offerings, Research collaboration

Supporting your journey from open source to developing a commercially viable product/service.

Testing, deployment and automation with complete or partial M-CORD vEPC components. Integration of other party vEPC components and protocol compliance in case of partial deployment.

Streamlining operations support with CI/CD, container orchestration, addressing performance and scaling issues.

Researching the challenges in existing and upcoming architecture models like SBA, converged architecture, deployment modelling.

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