Internet of Things

The industry has been abuzz with the Internet of Things for the larger part of the previous decade; its potentialities and vision ever-expanding, corresponding newer challenges being thrown up in practically all areas of computer science and engineering.

Starting from the rudimentary vision of RFID tags being accessible over the internet, the vision has bludgeoned our community now – to the extent that visionaries come up with newer terms in attempts to differentiate their vision.

Amidst this, GS Lab has viewed IoT as the homecoming of things (devices, sensors… our mute friends) onto the internet; the things staking a claim as equals with humans when it comes to being a netizen. Just as the so-called social media broke several barriers to bring equality across humans, IoT is breaking barriers between things, and between things and humans.

At GS Lab, we believe the internet of things is something to be realized collaboratively. We take a multifaceted approach:

Partner with customer to invent new technology stacks

  • Distributed operational workflows
  • Global analytics that is locally actionable
  • Innovative security mechanisms
  • Simplified edge-connectivity across plethora of protocols
  • Cloud based multi-tenanted developer tools
  • IoT test automation frameworks

Create solutions tailored to solve a given problem in a most efficacious way by a synergistic blend of various technologies, both open-source and the inventions above. Our analytical mindset, continually sharpened by our core focus of practicing innovation gives us the edge in creating such precise solutions

ISV and SI both need an adept engineering force that can comprehend fundamentals of a given domain, and correlate to corresponding ecosystem comprising of different technologies and products. Our multifaceted approach enables us to both play and/or complement the ISV and SI roles flexibly.

We have seen fruition of this effort in realizing, for example,

Smart city platform that can run cross-vertical policies across disparate sensor providers; currently in pilots across Europe, Australia, India, and US

Water management solution to monitor water usage in residential and corporate establishments to provide actionable insights such as leak detection, reducing water wastage, recycling water etc.

Optimized scheduling of activities (e.g. heating) in a liquid storage industry to smoothen the peak demand and reduce energy costs

Interested in building a solution to enable your refrigerator to talk to your neighbourhood grocery store’s drone and get stocked automatically? We live in times where this is no longer a fancy, but realizable; not in some indefinite future, but now.

Service Offerings

IoT Apps

Wonders the thing “so much spent on me… why?” well friend, you’re applied for more than RoI

Edge Connectivity (Agent GW and Cross protocol GW)

Things, come, gather around… with our Gateway, you can network with the World around!

IoT Cloud (Alerts and Actuation)

The thing wails “Anyone listening?” Why dear friend, with you the world is conversing

IoT Cloud (Device Management and Provisioning)

Conscripted or voluntary; our beloved thing, we welcome thee!

IoT Cloud (Vertical-specific analytics)

“My vision is narrow” bemoans the thing; but friend, you contribute to greater understanding

Things (Firmware and Non-IP connectivity)

”Hello World!” beeped the Thing – it was now alive with our firmware!


Water Management

Delivering smarter water management through insights

Energy Monitoring (Machine Watt)

Home-grown energy monitoring solution – monitor and control power usage of an appliance in a non-invasive way.

Embedded / Firmware

Demanding needs of IoT require robust “Things”.