Legacy Application Modernization

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Redefined Applications – to Ensure they Drive Business Value

Legacy application modernization isn’t just about migrating to a newer environment. At GS Lab, we consider legacy product modernization a process that involves migrating to modern platforms, infrastructure, architecture, and technologies.

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Our modernization services have helped product companies achieve agility, reduce operation costs, improve scalability and deliver an exceptional user experiences.

In addition, we help our customers keep a check on their technical debt & improve continuously to stay relevant in the competitive landscape.

Our technical experts help you define the optimal modernization approach right from rehosting to encapsulation.

Offerings & Solution

Competitive Advantage in Modernization Capabilities

Legacy Application Modernization

Revamp legacy applications for 4R’s of cloud – rehost, refactor, rearchitect & rebuild to bring security, agility, and scalability to your products.

Portfolio Rationalization

Rationalize your product landscape by defining the maturity stage of various components and making decisions to stay cloud agnostic, cloud native, or go hybrid.

Technology & Architecture Modernization

Upgrade to newer technologies or migrate to micro-services & reactive architectures while retaining business logic.

UI/UX Modernization

Craft user experiences for complex products which are simple, usable, and delightful. Create interfaces that drive product adoption.

Our Differentiators

Thorough Product Know-how Powering their Modernization Journey

Product expertise

With 350+ products developed across various technologies provides us with a vast knowledge bank which we leverage for our customers

Experience with Products at various lifecycle stages

Having worked with products across all stages of their lifecycle, we are the right technology partners for your modernization journey

Multidisciplinary teams

Our engineers have deep expertise in disciplines varying from embedded systems, networking, and cloud to AI, ML, and identity & security.

Minimum disruption

Our approach mitigates risk and modernizes your products with minimal to no business disruptions

Success Stories

Know our past, that can vouch for us

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Repository of our knowledge, compiled

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