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A customer-driven approach tailored to match dynamic business requirements and industry best practices


GS Lab’s Catalyst — The Perfect 3-pronged Customer Engagement Approach

GS Lab has a robust customer-centric engagement approach — Catalyst. Catalyst guides our interactions with our customers, right from the initial touchpoint to project delivery and knowledge transition, thereby ensuring quality deliverables to meet our customers’ challenging requirements and schedules. This also encapsulates our 3-pronged cyclic customer-centric approach of discovery, development, and deployment.

The objective of Catalyst is to drive engagement transparency, both internally and externally, so that our customers and employees operate in an open environment of mutual trust and partnership.

Post-project delivery, we measure our engagement performance through our CSAT and NPS scores at both, account and project levels. At GS Lab, we aim for an internal target NPS rating of 9+ as it denotes that those customers may refer GS Lab for further opportunities, both internally and externally.

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GS Lab – A Center of Engineering Excellence

A compliance-first methodology

Our compliance-first methodology is imbibed across the entire development life cycle for all our customers. Besides being HIPAA-, GDPR-, and ISO 27001-compliant, we are also looking at ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 compliances under implementation for industry-specific solutions. In addition, we are compliant across various SecOps and security standards.

R&D-focused team

We strive to continuously stay on top of technological innovation through CoEs established for various technologies. Each GS Lab CoE focuses on critical factors such as training on emerging and established technologies, partnerships, open-source contributions, and in-house assets and accelerators. We also have in-house research labs for CoEs that are focused on breakthrough technology on embedded, telecom and networking, with distinct data science research labs.

Secure IP protection

For over 18 years, we have been engineering various first-of-its-kind cutting-edge IP-led products for our customers, designed and delivered by our in-house experts. Simultaneously, we value the security of our customers’ IPs, ensuring complete IPR protection for our clients via necessary legal channels and data protection standards.

Industry standard tools

We use industry standards tools like JIRA/Trello/ Azure DevOps integrated with Confluence, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, TestRail, and Jenkins to support iterative product development frameworks like Scrum.

A flexible and responsive partner

Our rich and expansive work experience with technology giants, enterprises, and start-ups have helped us understand the challenges and pains faced at each stage of the growth journey. As a result, we are flexible and match our process to our customer requirements so that they are assured of engineering excellence and project governance at the same time.

A tailored approach

GS Lab currently possesses a fine hybrid blend of Lean, Scrum, and Kanban frameworks. Moreover, since we serve different enterprises and start-up organizations, we offer our customers the flexibility to tailor the approach based on the nature of their engagement. We even have a few projects working in the traditional waterfall model.

A transparent 360-degree project view

Customers can monitor their projects’ progress with GS Lab’s real-time reports and one-click dashboards. Additionally, our clearly defined communication models keep them updated with project timelines, challenges, changes and updates with issue/progress resolution trackers, and escalation/resolution matrices with project governance through internal audits.

Unmatched flexibility

Based on our customers’ business-specific project requirements, we suggest the right engagement approach from a time and material based one to a fixed price to outcome-based model. We also ramp up our team of experts with the suitable skillset and experience to cater to those specific needs.

Go global with local talent

Headquartered in India, we have offices across the US and UK deploying our engineers in line with our customers’ project requirements. As we scale up with our global network, we assure quick responses through multiple communication channels, regardless of our location.

An agile project governance

At GS Lab, we promote an agile environment with a focus on delivering value to our customers. Our values and tenets are built on efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. The pocess engagement and governance function at GS Lab consolidates and standardizes project management aspects to ensure each project is executed properly and in accordance with what is expected by key stakeholders while abiding by various compliance standards.

Our approach is focused on lightweight, engineering-centric, and improvement-oriented lean processes which are not overhead to the teams or customers.

GS Lab’s Process Engagement and Governance team is structured to cater to key quality and delivery excellence areas, such as:

Process definition

The adoption and governance of agile, lean, and empirical processes though a well documented quality management system (QMS).

Process governance

This monthly process of health checks through audits are conducted to ensure top-notch quality of deliverables/delivery excellence and continual improvement through well-documented audit reports.

Process consulting/coaching

This helps the project teams embrace project-specific structured ways of development quickly.

Seamless in supporting a multi-vendor environment

A multi-vendor environment may be complex to manage and govern. However, at GS Lab, our experienced teams embrace an iterative project management for better collaboration and more transparency in a multi-vendor environment. Our integrated project management approach reinforces a common understanding of simplified procedures, incremental project execution, and proactive risk handling.
This metrics-driven mindset makes progress visible with an unwavering focus on time, schedule, cost, and quality, supported by various adept tools for project management.

With a strong rewards and recognition (R&R) program in place, GS Lab ensures our stakeholders are well-aligned to our business goals and objectives. This built-in ownership and collaboration help us reduce the risk of delays in deliverables, schedule slippages, or cost of quality in a typical multi-vendor environment.

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