MuleSoft Connector

MuleSoft Certified Google BigQuery Connector

Integrated, low-effort connectivity to Google BigQuery for adding intelligence to your applications faster

The MuleSoft Certified Google BigQuery Connector by GS Lab gives Enterprise IT teams access to Google BigQuery right within the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, so your teams can build data-driven insights into your applications using familiar paradigms and without spending extra effort of learning new tools.

GS Lab is a technology & connector development partner for MuleSoft. The connector is available for MuleSoft Enterprise Customers on the Anypoint Exchange. Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable and cost-effective cloud that comes with its own machine learning engine built-in. It is designed to help you make informed decisions quickly, so you can transform your business with ease.

The connector interfaces with the Google BigQuery API to leverage analysis of massive datasets working in conjunction with Google Storage. It allows for the management, ingestion and querying of data in BigQuery. The connector supports most common operations on BigQuery such as:

  • Manage BigQuery datasets and tables.
  • Query data from BigQuery datasets. Synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Insert data from any integrated system using Anypoint platform to Google BigQuery tables.
  • Load Data from various sources such as Google Cloud Storage to Google BigQuery tables.
  • Extract data from Google BigQuery tables to destinations such as Google Cloud Storage.

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Connector Details

  • Connector Version – 2.0.0
  • Compatible with – MuleSoft Runtime version – 4.2.1+
  • Check it out – Anypoint Exchange Listing
  • Connector Published on – 7th January, 2020

Understanding More About Google BigQuery Connector

The Google BigQuery connector allows Mule applications running on Anypoint platform to perform several operations on BigQuery in a configuration-driven and no-code manner. This makes setting up data connections between your Enterprise applications and BigQuery easier and quicker.

Your Mulesoft developers need not spend a lot of time dealing with BigQuery APIs for different operations, their request-response structures and authentication mechanisms. They can simply insert the connector in their Mule flow, configure authentication information and select operations and pass parameters. All input and output parameters are designed for intuitive usage and are detailed in the documentation.

The real value of the BigQuery connector is in the way you can use it at design-time in conjunction with powerful functional features available in Mule:

  • DataSense – Leverage DataSense to extract metadata for BigQuery standard response and let Mule automatically determine the data type and format that your application must deliver to, or can expect from, BigQuery. Focus on applying the data for insights and let Mule worry about type constraints and compatibility.
  • Transform Message Component – Use DataWeave, the integrated scripting language, to automatically extract response metadata and visually map and transform data to different data formats or structures. It makes controlling the mapping between data types a breeze!

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