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GS Lab Receives Patent For Revolutionary Video Streaming Technology

By July 2, 2019May 22nd, 2023No Comments

GS Lab Receives Patent For Revolutionary Video Streaming Technology

Pune, July 2nd, 2019 – Great Software Laboratory (GS Lab), the leader in innovation and smart software today announced that it has received a patent for an invention related to multiplex data streaming for video. This patent improves real-time video streaming experience for viewers, which is often less than satisfactory due to frequent bandwidth bottlenecks. This patent has multiple applications across diverse industries which require rich media delivery solutions.

One of the inventors of the patent Avijit Sen Mazumder explained, “We have worked on the weakest link in the chain. In multimedia streaming, the last mile connect is the most challenging aspect to control. Until now, there were only two ways to address this problem. The latest advances in web caching provide organizations simplicity which comes at the cost of latency. At times, you see videos 10-15 seconds later, and real-time performance becomes an issue. Another extreme method of handling this issue is developing a network multicast, which is operationally unfeasible for most enterprises. Our work bridges the gap by providing a pure software-only solution with minimal latency and without the complexity of network multicast or dedicated hardware processing.”

“At GS Lab, we invest in practical innovations which solve real-world problems. We not only develop ‘first-of-its-kind’ solutions for our customers, but our products also revolve around cutting edge technology which directly impacts day-to-day life. We are happy that one such innovation has received a patent”, said Atul Narkhede, the CEO of GS Lab. The patent was granted to Great Software Laboratory for technology invented by Atul Narkhede, Avijit Sen Mazumder and Ajit Dhumale.

Great Software Laboratory (GS Lab) is a technology leader headquartered in Pune. From cloud services & security to connected experiences & Internet of Things, GS Lab helps software solution providers enhance their capabilities to create cutting edge experiences for their customers. GS Lab’s products are fundamentally changing the way businesses are competing in an age where technology is increasingly becoming the key differentiator for enterprises.

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