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Great Software Laboratory Becomes Official GSMA Member

By November 12, 2020May 22nd, 2023No Comments

November 12th, 2020,  Great Software Laboratory has today become an official member of the GSMA. The Global System For Mobile Communications Association, represents its members via industry programs, working groups and industry advocacy initiatives. By entering the GSMA, GS Lab has become part of a mobile and digital ecosystem, in collaboration with more than 750 network operators, vendors and suppliers worldwide.

The latest area emerging in the telecom space is MEC (multi-access edge cloud) or telco-edge. With expertise in 4G and 5G Telecom Core engineering services, GS Lab will play a crucial role in defining and standardising the MEC. Their research-oriented work culture, experience with telecom operators and track record of building 3GPP complaint scalable solutions will be of immense value to GSMA members. They will also write sample applications and help industry leaders, customers & the telecom ecosystem in taking this edge cloud to production.

With fast moving technologies, growing complexity, regulatory demands and an increasing demand for consumer protection, the GSMA plays a key role in facilitating the industry with the balanced approach required to ensure effectiveness and acceptance by the wider mobile industry. GSMA also helps ensure that the telecom industry delivers standardized solutions across various domains. This standardization builds trust and delivers consistent experiences to users.

“GS Lab is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for the telecom industry. We have been closely working with open source platforms like OMEC & Aether through our partnerships with telecom consortiums like ONF. This has enabled us to build in-house accelerators like Octopus and 5G-in-a-box which help leading MNOs, MVNOs, infrastructure giants & startups in deploying 5G and Private LTE at record speed. GSMA provides us the right platform to engage with all industry stakeholders and be part of the rapid evolution that will shape technologies for years to come”, said Atul Narkhede, Chief Technology Officer, GS Lab.

About GS Lab:

Great Software Laboratory (GS Lab) has been the technology partner of choice to 100+ organizations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific for over 17 years. Leveraging our expertise in 130+ tools & technologies, we have created 300+ ‘first-of-its-kind’ solutions to real-world problems. Our ‘Beyond code’ philosophy ensures that we not only push boundaries of existing technologies but also try out newer problem-solving approaches to keep our customers one step ahead of their competitors. Our global team of 1250+ employees is adept at creating ‘real value’ at each stage of the customer growth journey, right from proof-of-concept prototypes to completely scaled up products. For more information about our solutions & offerings, please visit

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