Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Engineering Solutions

Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Engineering Solutions – To power your core

With the advent of 5G, the telecom and communications industry is undergoing a revolution. 3GPP standards are evolving. Monolithic architectures are broken down. MNO and MVNO’s are moving towards open and flexible Software Defined Network (SDN) driven networks. The data and control planes are getting separated. Network slicing is becoming real, and Mobile & broadband networks are getting merged.

GS Lab’s Open Source Virtual Evolved Packet core solutions help telecom industry organizations deliver differentiated services across various use cases, including – IoT, private LTE, edge compute, and 5G services. Our vEPC, P-LTE capabilities include expertise across CUPS architecture, NFV, open-source 3GPP compliant core, and 3GPP protocols. We are leading collaborating innovators for ONF’s OMEC project and are committed to delivering open-source core solutions.

Evolved Packet Core Offerings for Various Companies.

GS Lab at ONF Connect 2019

OMEC Adoption Puzzle: General Challenges for Operator Adoption

Collaborating Innovator Partner for ONF on OMEC

OMEC is the 1st fully featured and scalable open source EPC built for high performance. It is designed to be used as standalone EPC with both mobile and fixed subscriber management functions. It is designed to handle the huge inflow of new devices coming online because of 5G and IoT expansion.

GS Lab is helping telecom operators and third party telecom integrators with automated deployment and configuration of EPC in OMEC implementations.

GS Lab is an Architect, maintainer and contributor for OMEC Project. We have contributed to OMEC’s Control plane (SGW, PGW) and User plane (SGW, PGW) along with contributions for MME, HSS, Database, PCRF, CTF, CDF, and SGXCDR modules.

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Our EPC Offerings

3GPP Compliant ECP Core Modules

Engineering of MME, HSS, SGW, PGW, and PCRF – EPC core components compliant to 3GPP standards to support network services for 3G, 4G, and 5G

CUPS Engineering

CUPS architecture readiness, design and implementation services with Sxa/b protocol help organizations support increased data traffic and reduce latency period for their applications.

Testing, Automation and DevOps

Our expertise across 3GPP protocols and Testing tools helps us deliver end to end compliance, performance testing, automation, and DevOps solutions for your EPC core components.

Distributed Architecture Design

Service-based, cloud-native, CUPS (Control and User Plane Separation) architecture, supports high bandwidth low latency applications.

Why GS Lab’s EPC Core Solutions

GS Lab has experience implementing and engineering core EPC solutions in MNOs, MVNOs, private EPC Product companies, Network slicing companies, and specialized services over LTE, 5GC. Our industry standard lab set up and expert engineering team for EPC core helps us deliver solutions at record speed. Our partnership with ONF helps us gain valuable experience in identifying and solving real business problems in the telecom industry.

Our core expertise includes:

  • EPC core components
  • Fixed wireless with ePDG
  • 3GPP protocols
  • Open source cloud based native engineering
  • In-house lab set up

GS Lab at ONF Connect 2019

OMEC: Architectural Challenges

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