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Accelerate your vEPC’s Testing and Deployment

5G-in-a-box is your all in one vEPC sandbox designed to accelerate ONF’s OMEC deployment and testing across any infrastructure (Cloud, Virtual, or Bare metal). It is a single click easy to deploy, open sourced sandbox which can be easily extended to any private vEPCs.

5G-in-a-box encapsulates end-to-end components including eUE & eNB simulator and CDN application allowing you to experience the complete data and call flow.

Key Features

Characteristics of 5G-in-a-box

Single Click Deployment

5G-in-a-box comes with a preconfigured script to deploy EPC and verifies all the connections.

Cloud Agnostic

5G-in-a-box is designed using Docker, Kubernetes, and helm which makes it completely cloud-agnostic.

3GPP Compliant

All EPC components engineered for 5G-in-a-box are 3GPP compliant.

No Special Hardware

Choose your hardware. It works seamlessly on bare metal or virtual machines. All you need is a Quad-Core Intel processor with 16 GB RAM & 50GB storage.

End-to-End Components

5G-in-a-box includes all the components required to deploy & test your call flow including UE & eNB simulator, CDN application, MME, HSS, Database, SGW, PGW and PFCP based GW support components.

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