Designing the Experience that Drives Product Acceptance


Decrypting Complex Technologies With Minimalist UI/UX

The complexity of technology products can only be solved with minimalist UI & UX. We understand this challenge and help craft user experience for complex products which are simple, usable, and delightful. We place users at the center of all our strategies and create interfaces that drive product adoption. Our team consists of seasoned design professionals with hands-on experience in all things digital.

CoE for User Experience Design

Our unique approach of integrated cross-functional teams paves the way for designers and developers to collaboratively build the same product.

We understand the importance of engineering-friendly designs — that’s why our designers know what’s involved in the implementation.

Our UI/UX toolkits ensure you have a scalable design system across multiple platforms while maintaining brand consistency.

Offerings & Solution

Solving end-to-end Design Problems to Simplify Every Experience

User Experience

  • User Research & Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Usability Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • UI design mock-ups

User Interface

  • Graphic interface
  • UI guidelines and toolkit
  • UI Modernization
  • Dashboard visualizations

Cross-Platform UX/UI

  • Web applications
  • Mobile devices
  • Wearables
  • IoT devices
  • AR/VR

Our Approach

Outlined to Yield End-user Oriented Results

Intervention Areas

Working Models, that Cater to Varied Requirements

New products & service concepts

UI modernization

GTM validation for PoC’s

User research & testing

Expanding user experience across various platforms

Our Differentiators

Technology & Focus on End Product – Start To Satisfaction

A unique approach for optimal UX

Our approach involves building a cross-functional team that brings various aspects to the table at the start of the project.

End to end product life cycle offerings with Agile Methodology

From concepts to interaction design to testing, our teams are experienced in building end-to-end product life cycle offerings with Agile methodologies

Technology experts to guide along the way

Our experts from various disciplines such as data science, IoT, Embedded, Cloud native, etc., participate in the design process based on the type of product.

Robust technology stack

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, ReactJS, Angular, Vue.JS

A design system that scales up

With every new feature, SaaS designs get more complex, but GS Lab’s scalable design system factors in each element in an easy-to-make and repair format across platforms.

Success Stories

Proof of Expertise in Delivering Superior Experiences

Our Library

Expounding on our expertise

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