Escalating cloud costs and how to manage them

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Escalating cloud costs and
how to manage them

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Guest Speaker

Manish Sapariya
VP – kPoint

Cloud usage has now become an integral part of any business IT strategy. Users can quickly sign up to various cloud services on a click of a button. Whether is spawning a new instance, or modifying the storage types, or increase your IO requirements, AWS and other cloud providers have made it as simple as it can be. However, the ease of use and scalability brings in new challenges for IT & product managers. Your AWS bills can shoot up any time and bring in many surprises.

In this webinar, we will first dive into how cloud costs can start escalating with your growing product needs and later discuss how we can manage these escalating costs.

Guest host Manish Sapariya – Vice President at kPoint, will help us take through the journey of their Cloud-based enterprise video interactive solution and how their growth leads them to find solutions for optimizing their escalating cloud cost.

Our in-house cloud expert will also host a live demo of how one can monitor and save cloud cost with ValueCloud.

Duration: 45 Mins


Manish Sapariya
VP - kPoint
Vinod Borole
Product Manager - GS Lab
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