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GS Lab – Your Technology Change Agent

With more than 18 years, GS Lab is uniquely positioned as the preferred technology partner of choice for leading ISVs, innovative startups, and digital enterprises.

Recognized by the industry

  • Recognized Software Platform Engineering & Enterprise Software ER&D Player by Zinnov

Trusted by our customers

  • 95% repeat business
  • 94% of our customers recognize us as a preferred partner

Loved by our team members

  • 4.1 Glassdoor rating
  • 91% recommending the company to their friends

Recognized by our partners

  • OneLogin names GS Lab as Global Integration Partner of the Year 2021

Our Approach

At the Convergence of Technologies, Disciplines, and Architectures

At GS Lab, we believe “Products of the Future” will be challenged to solve extremely complex problems. For this, newer technologies with an advanced scope such as 5G, virtual networks, Edge computing, IoT, Embedded system, and AI/ML will be critical enablers. What ISVs and enterprises would need is a technology partner who can craft solutions amidst the evolution of these technologies.

GS Lab understands these needs and has already invested in building multidisciplinary teams across evolving technologies, engineering disciplines, and product architectures. Our clear differentiation is our ability to ace engineering disciplines, evolving technologies and architectures and leverage them to engineer your products.

Engineering Disciplines

Data Science, Edge Computing, Unified Communications and Signal processing, Telecom, Software Defined Networking (SDN), IoT & Embedded Systems, Identity and Access Management, Security & Compliance

Evolving Technologies

Cloud, 5G, deep learning, Server side programming, AI Services, ML services, virtualization, SDN, BI, python ML Ecosystem, Containers, Graphic user interface, SSO, OpenID, OAuth

Product Architectures

Microservices, Cloud-native, Serverless, CI/CD Pipelines, Big data, and Data Lake driven

Our Differentiators

Our Experience across Evolving Product Lifecycles

We understand your needs at every stage of your product’s evolutionary cycle, and leverage our expertise to anticipate your technology needs. Whether it is product-market fit during MVP, security and scale during adoption, or modernization during reinvention, our experience adds tangible benefits and value beyond mere engineering capabilities.

Our Multidisciplinary Teams with an R&D-driven Mindset

Complex problems and unique challenges intrigue us, especially because we understand the importance of being hands-on with emerging technologies. Our centers of excellence (CoEs) are not just built to impress but leverage our multidisciplinary teams to build products from research labs, technical papers, and single-line concepts to commercialization.

Accelerated Time to Market with IP Innovations, Open Source Engineering and Industry Partnerships

We understand the competitive landscape and market forces. We understand the need to accelerate you time to market and we are already geared up for that challenge. How? Our three-pronged approach of open source expertise, product partnerships, and in-house technology accelerators helps us help you better.

Transparent and Agile Approach

Transparency is critical to our delivery success. We follow appropriate governance and compliances for various sectors, and use Agile methodologies for tracking the most important parameters to give you complete visibility in your project dashboard.

Flexible Engagement Models

We grow with you and having worked with startups and established players across their journey we understand the need for flexible engagement models. We can be extensions of your team or build end-to-end products. Whether it is T&M, fixed cost or outcome driven engagements, we ensure that our beyond code philosophy remains intact.

Why GS Lab?


Products engineered


Work on R&D projects

Engineered 20+

IP innovations to date

3 patents

granted (and 4 more in the pipeline)


Active contributors for 25+ open source projects


Strategic partnerships with technology giants and industry associations

Partner of Choice for more than 150+ customers globally.
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